That is to say, this semester, I spent the best time in university so far, because in this period of time, I met two teachers who I respected and liked. They are Wang Wen, the accounting teacher, and Ma Yingfei, the external teacher. Wang Wen's class is good, and listening to her class has a sense of fullness. Every word and deed can make people infected. Ma Yingfei, maybe I have never honored her as a teacher. I always think it's hard to call her Ma teacher, and I call her beautiful old. I used to call her fei'er in front of the class. Although she only taught us English for one semester, it is also the only full-time course since I went to university. What she left us was a kind of pleasure and enjoyment, the most real brotherly kindness. I remember that once she criticized a boy in our class, but in the second class, the boy rushed to the platform with a bunch of flowers and apologized to her. Feier was stupid at that time. She didn't know what to do with her red face. Under the cheers of the whole class, she took the flowers, but the whole person was too shy to get out of the desk. We had to work hard to make her stand up Body. She also tried her best to make it round for herself: "next time, don't do it again!" Ha ha, at that time I thought she was just a good friend of mine, not a teacher.